13 June 2022

The Power of Great Design


Do you form an immediate impression of a restaurant the minute you walk through the door? From how you are greeted by the staff, through to the décor, the menu, the toilets, even the beermats?! (though I think Covid 19 might have dispelled this one). Our brains are wired to form instant impressions and perceptions, whether we try to or not, so it goes without saying how important your branding is. But perhaps even more important to remember the small details matter more than you think too. Every little touchpoint your customer has with your brand needs to be considered.

From your logo, website, and your social media accounts, print advertisements, packaging, even your invoice slip, the list is endless. It’s clear that good design can be the difference between closing a sale or losing a potential customer.

Good design creates a connection with your customers and when you create a visually impactful, memorable and emotional connection, your customer can really understand who you are and why they like you!

According to a survey by Tyton Media, 48% of people said that a company’s website design was their number one determining factor of its credibility. So basically, almost half of your potential customers make a judgement call on whether to work with you based on your company website. Food for thought when you’re assessing the importance of your channels (we’re just pleased that we recently refreshed our own website…)

If you haven’t already done it, it’s a good idea to create a style guide or playbook with design rules for applying your branding to different assets. This might be colour palettes to use, style of photography, or even sample images that are definitely not suitable for your brand. This will not only help to ensure consistency to everything you apply your branding to but it also helps to keep things on track when you have different designers handling different projects and materials.

Good design plays such an important role in creating strong marketing strategies.

Which brings us nicely onto our next topic….

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