Defining moments of
British political history
Rare Memorabilia

Rare Memorabilia provide an exceptional range of rare and desirable autographs to the general public, private collectors and businesses around the world. It has taken owner, Hamilton, a lifetime to collect the signature of every British Prime Minister, from the very first in 1721 to the present day, in a unique gold-gilt framed collection spanning over three centuries of British history.

Design One were asked to create a presentation book to showcase this superb and rare collection which would illustrate the meticulous attention to detail and stunning imagery,

Given the significance and work in creating this collection, we initially spent considerable time researching and gaining insight into each of these great leaders before defining those

who embodied the high office of Prime Minister and gained significant achievements. King George II gave Number 10 Downing Street to Sir Robert Walpole in 1735 and the iconic black door of Number 10 provides the perfect cover for an insight into the lives of all those who have since lived there. The signatures of the featured Prime Ministers have been added to the portraits to demonstrate the unique detail of each. With snapshots of momentous events that occurred during the term of office of each Prime Minister, this book illustrates not only the history of British politics, but also the history of our great nation. Creating this book was a sheer joy and one of our most favourite projects ever undertaken. We are extremely proud that one of the books now resides in Number 10 Downing Street.

My relationship with Design One spans over 30 years for the simple reason that I can brief a project and know that they ‘get it’ and trust them to deliver what I want, when I need it (if not sooner) and on budget. They take the tiniest snippets of ideas and bring them to fruition in highly creative ways that far exceed my expectations and we’ve certainly achieved some fantastic results together – from websites and brochures to Tendulkar’s ‘Century of Centuries’ and most recently the British Prime Ministers signature collection. Their consistent support and flexibility is immeasurable and their ability to give me exactly what I wanted but could not have articulated clearly enough is beyond compare”.
Hamilton Bland
Managing Director
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